Mon, 20 Mar 2017 21:17:57 PDT

>In southern Germany it's only hederifolium that's self-sowing, since 
>it's the only one that's reliably hardy. But for me it seems all the 
>seedlings end up with corms laying on the ground, not underground - 
>should I bury them deeper  if i want to keep them?

Possibly. Here, the tubers of C. hederifolium are only a few millimeters below the surface of the soil. 
Cyclamen coum, which has finished flowering here, has self-sown by the hundreds, and when I go to dig up the seedlings I find that the tubers are often two to three centimeters deep. 
C. cilicicum and C. mirabile also self-sow, but not to the extent that coum does. 
C. intaminatum, C. purpurascens, and C. pseudibericum are also hardy here. C. confusum was, until the puppy dug up all the tubers and ate them, a couple of years ago. 
Bob Nold
Denver, Colorado, USA

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