Ismene amancaes bulbs - information sought

norton cuba melly
Sat, 04 Mar 2017 05:17:48 PST
Regarding cultivation in Peru, I only know 2 projects that collect amancaes seeds and germinate them, but only in situ. One of the projects has been abandoned since its inside what is nowadays the property of a cement industry, that area is where the Bomarea ovata pictures are from, I donĀ“t know how long they will last. The other project belongs to a community of farmers that have declared an area of private conservation, its called" Lomas of Asia", since there isnt much population there, its one of the most pristine "lomas" of Lima; they are giving an ecotouristic service there, and a lot of studies area happening with several people of all professions, I spoke with the leader of that project, he told me they propagated 10 000 seeds of amancaes, since they havent published anything, I only take him by his word; they already have 1 ha. of amancaes, 100 bulbs per square meter is densely enough I think, so I dont know if propagation is actually required, specially because amancaes bulbs live decades.

About cultivation abroad I dont have information about that so thanks for sharing.


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I think that it is cultivated in Peru, and Rare Plants UK distributed
seedlings, a couple of years ago....
Peter (UK)

On 4 March 2017 at 04:37, Bruce Schroder <>
 This is one
> very rare bulb in cultivation and I would estimate there are not many more
> than 20 or 30 people/collectors world wide growing it.  It would also seem
> that almost all of these plants are from a single clone as I have not heard
> of anyone successfully pollinating their plants, let alone anyone growing
> it from seed.
> The world market for this species would be enormous.

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