pbs Digest, Vol 170, Issue 4

Jonathan Knisely jpsknisely@gmail.com
Sun, 05 Mar 2017 06:20:13 PST
There are a number of approaches to the use of lights.  Fluorescent tubes
that were fabricated to provide the appropriate spectrum of light for
indoor growing of plants are less commonly seen, though still available.  I
am unsure whether or not the standard lengths that might be used in North
America will fit the fixtures (and voltages) for you, Norton.

More recently, the LED technological advances have resulted in a large
number of devices being fabricated, primarily, I suspect, for assisting
those who wish to furtively cultivate marijuana indoors.

Below is a link to a website that provided a ranking of a variety of LED
products.  One of the products reviewed might be ideal for your windowsill
bulb-raising.  The timing of getting it (i.e. you don't want to pay for
something that is out of stock and only able to be delivered a month after
your family member leaves the United States) is worth considering.  Some of
these may not be too expensive to have directly shipped to you in Peru (as
they aren't like our classic conception of fragile light bulbs)!


Jonathan Knisely
New Haven, CT (where we have Eranthis, Galanthus, and Crocus tommasinianus
up and blooming so far)

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> Hello everyone,
> I want to ask about light bulbs for plants, since I dont have a backyard I
> only have my plants expose to sunlight in a windowsill, that can reduce
> posibilities of forming an strong bulb . But i wanted to know if any of you
> can advice me a brand of a light bulb that offers full spectrum for plant
> growth. I have a family member traveling to the US ??, so if anyone that
> lives there can tell me where to buy, what brand, how much watts... ? It
> would be helpful
> Thanks if you can help me
> Best regards
> Norton

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