Surprising survivors

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 02 May 2017 07:10:56 PDT
I built a terraced rock wall bed last summer that is 2 ft x 50 ft, and it
is under the high shade of mature pine trees.  Some of the flower bed gets
full sun for about 4 hours but most of it is in much shadier conditions.  I
was quite surprised by who died & who survived over the winter.

All my young seedlings of Lupinus perennis perished, as did all of my
Manfreda sileri & M. jaliscana.  A few bearded iris seedlings perished due
to heaving out of the ground & baking in the sun.

Happily, the survivors include:  Iris paradoxa (but it didn't bloom this
spring), and young seedlings of Callirhoe bushii, Cunila origanoides, and
Manfreda maculosa x virginica.  Also, my huge patch of
summer-time-transplanted Asarum canadense survived & is now in full bloom.

Dennis in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA)
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