Flowering now

Pamela Slate myixia1@gmail.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 10:14:19 PST
The archives have a discussion when the bulbs were offered by Longfield
Gardens in 2014. They too were from Israel. My bulbs were completely dry
all summer in the raised bed. At our location, we had very little late
spring/summer rainfall. May saw .4", June .0", July 1.1" and Aug. .3" with
no rain in Sept. Summer 2016 was even drier but this is the first year they
have performed this well for me. Has anyone else noticed this kind of long
establishment period for these beauties? I think perhaps moving them to a
raised bed with free root run helped. They are, by the way, in 50% shade
all year.

Given the planting situation, it will probably be difficult if not
impossible to get a decent photo, David, but I'll take another look.

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