Ornithogalum Dubium flowering & seed set

Laura & Dave toadlily@integra.net
Tue, 07 Nov 2017 21:55:49 PST
Hi Carol
   I've tried growing O. dubium from seed, but haven't succeeded yet.  
   Last year I made a quick trip to the grocery, and was stopped in my tracks at 
the entry by this bright orange pot of what could only be (and was) O. dubium.  
They flowered for a couple months, with multiple offsets producing blooms after 
the parent bulbs finished. I had at them with a small sable paint brush, but 
alas, got nary a seed.  I don't know if these are hybrids or if they need a 
different clone, but self-fertile they weren't.  Good luck with yours.  Maybe 
someone will supply the answer for all of us.

Dave Brastow, Tumwater, Washington (USA) A slightly confused Zone 7
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