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Fri, 24 Nov 2017 17:09:18 PST
Some time ago, I was asking about some snowdrops that I received. I checked the date in the archive, it was July 15 this year. 

It looks like they are not snowdrops but snowflake bulbs. Leucojum bulbs flower in the later part of year. And this week true to form, I found the first bloom from the potted bulbs! 

I'm in SF Bay Area in 94301 zip( I'm not sure about the code for the planting area). This year we have the perfect planting weather with intermittent light rains.

For beginners, here's my planting notes:
I didn't chill the bulbs and just planted them soon after receiving them. I planted them in pots with a mix that might have contained very rich compost and watered daily in a light spray. If the water is too strong, the leaves literally snap at soil level.

 I was concerned that the bulbs would not like that much water as it took a while to drain from the pot. And the mix would be too nutritious for the bulbs, but it seems to have worked. 

I planted some of the bulbs straight into the ground which has a pea gravel mulch and those haven't emerged. 

Pretty pleased with the results! 🙂

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