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Hansen Nursery robin@hansennursery.com
Sun, 26 Nov 2017 20:17:22 PST
Mary Sue - I'll email you separately.  What a great list of old and
treasured books members have provided. I do have EA Bowles' book on crocus
and colchicums (given to me by the same lady) and have looked at the
colchicum section as there seems to be nothing much at all available that
has been printed since then on colchicums.

While I have Jack Elliott's "Bulbs for the Rock Garden" and use it
frequently, it seems to be lacking somewhat an in-depth review of small
bulbs and will search out "Dwarf Bulbs for the Rock Garden". Martyn and
Rix's book on bulbs is by far the most useful and I use it often.

I have both of Ruksans' crocus books which are full of good information but
keep wishing for a colchicum book that's up-to-date!!  

Are there other books people have that they refuse to part with?  Now I'm
very curious after reading Jane's comment that she will not part with her
crocus book by Brian Mathew.  I wouldn't part with most of my cyclamen
books, for sure!

Hansen Nursery

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