Rhodophiala seedlings

Carol Ballard agentletouch1@ipstarmail.com.au
Sat, 18 Nov 2017 22:07:04 PST
Hi I have just checked & repotted my Rhodophiala Splendens (2014 seedling) &
Rhodophiala Phycelloides (also a 2014 seedling) both have gone into dormancy
for our summer, I was able to buy them as a small pack of  3 seeds for each
variety, so I was very pleased to get one seed to grow from each one. I
found the R Splendens was only half the size of the R Phycelloides ( which
is about 1 cm across & quite healthy) & both I am finding very slow growing,
any ideas about getting them to grow quicker or are they just very slow
growers from seed? 

Due to my climate -2.2 to 50 deg C I grow all my plants in pots as it saves
water in summer.

Also can someone please tell me how to post photos on the site, I tried
earlier with my Ornithogalum Dubium orange form bulbs in flower but they
were deleted. Thank you Ann Ballard

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