Seemannia aerial rhizomes

Dennis Kramb
Wed, 08 Nov 2017 08:21:31 PST
I donated the Seemannia rhizomes for BX 431.  It's a bit of an experiment
as I don't recall aerial rhizomes like this being offered before.  they
look like long, thin, green angel-hair pasta.  Here's a pic of what I'm
talking about.... look at the bottom of the plant.…

Anyway, I wanted to share the following information:

I asked the experts at The Gesneriad Society.  They said that a ziploc bag
is a good way to send aerial rhizomes through the mail as long as freezing
temps are avoided.  Their advice to the final recipient is to add a small
amount of barely moist sphagnum moss to the ziploc bag and place it under
strong indirect light.  With the aerial rhizomes in contact with the
sphagnum, in a short amount of time they will do one of two things....
either:  (a) start growing into new plants, or (b) start growing into
"underground" rhizomes.  If they do (b) then those will turn into plants
next spring.

If you decide to try planting them directly instead, just be sure to keep
them barely moist & enclosed and do not completely bury them.  These are
aerial rhizomes after all.

'Evita' is a jaw dropper in bloom.  Gymnostoma is on the verge of blooming
for me right now for the first time.

Good luck!
Dennis in Cincinnati
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