Ornithogalum subsumiert

Johannes-Ulrich Urban johannes-ulrich-urban@t-online.de
Wed, 08 Nov 2017 06:03:58 PST
Hello Ann,

If you have grown your Ornithogalum dubium from seed, then each plant of the batch of seedlings is per definition a different clone. 
The very best orange form is often micropropagated on a large commercial scale and they are of a single clone because the propagation material is from one very good plant. 
I have tried to grow this magnificent bulb from commercial stock which I bought as flowering plants but they never resprouted after dormancy. I put it down to them being too much forced and only learned later that they were microprpagated. I do not mean that micropropagation as such is bad, there are very positive examples around. But maybe with this plant it cuts down on long term vigor. Just a guess.
So, Ann, if you have seedlings they should set seed with hand pollination next time they flower provided you have more than one plant in flower at the same time. I do not know if they are self sterile or not but with more than one clone this does not matter.

Good luck with this beautiful plant!


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