Treasurer's note

Arnold Trachtenberg
Thu, 16 Nov 2017 06:07:21 PST

 As we near the end of the year it's time to remind all of the PBS members about a couple of things.

1. You can pay for BX or SX using PayPal and include more than one in a transaction.  Just include a note in that section telling me where the payment should be applied.  I get many payments with no info and it takes a while to track down the corresponding transaction.

2. You can renew now and get credit for all of 2018, it will save us the time and money sending out renewal postcards.

3. I appreciate all the notes of thank you that I usually receive. The gratitude belongs to the Board in it's entirety and those members that contribute their excess bulb material.  Without the seed and bulb material the entire process would have ended long ago.

4. If your unclear about a pas due BX or SX please email me at and I'll check the records.

Happy Holidays to all and thanks for all the support.

Arnold Trachtenberg
Treasurer, PBS

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