Bomarea salsilla seedling? (from Susan Clark)

David Pilling
Sun, 05 Nov 2017 04:29:29 PST

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Hi everyone,

Last year I started off some seeds of the above in April and they 
germinated in September. Growth of the seedlings was slow and limited to 
half a dozen creamy leaves. I kept watering the pot over our Summer and 
it went dormant in February this year. When I tipped out the pot there 
were 3 marble sized tubers which I replanted in a bigger pot. The first 
shoots came through in late June. I’ve attached a photo that shows the 
current growth which is certainly a lot more than last year’s. I am 
wondering though if the variegation is normal - I have a Bomarea edulis 
plant in the garden, now just coming back into growth, and its leaves 
are the normal green you see in Internet pictures. At this point I’m 
wondering about the future viability of this plant.

Kind regards,
Susan Clark (Hibiscus Coast, Zone 10b, New Zealand)


David Pilling
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