Scilla maderensis

Brian Whyer
Fri, 17 Nov 2017 03:19:27 PST
Hi again
Don't know why my links sometimes get messed up now. Just google madeira annual weather to find it.
Also seem to lose single carriage returns, at least in what I get back below.
About seed set I should add that it is 100% from 2 seed grown plants; i.e. different clones. I have had little or no success at selfing. I have also seen small flies (beetles?) on the flowers at times.

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I have been growing this Scilla for ~10 years now. My early photos are in the wiki. I sourced it originally from 3 different places, one only as seed. My seed grown plants started flowering 2-3 years ago.If you look at the weather for Madeira Weather and temperature averages for Madeira, Madeira Islands you can see it does not experience any real cold or excessive heat and has just a few simmer months of dryness, unlike many Mediterranean plants which are often more tolerant. Here, in the UK, I grow it under glass in winter, minimum 6 C. In summer some are outside under shelter some not. I dry it off when the leaves get untidy in late spring and clean the bulbs up. If I start watering again in late summer and get it into flower when there are still plenty of bees about I get almost 100% seed set. Later flowers set no seed unless I do it manually. They flower over several weeks with each flower at its best for just a few days. Often, mainly the older bulbs, it takes several weeks "getting going" before they leaf out again. Although the seeds pods appear to take many months to ripen, if I cut a green pod open now the seeds are apparently fully formed and half white and black, but I normally leave them until next spring as the plant goes dormant. A good flower head will produce ~100 seeds or more. Before I brought them in this autumn the pods were black on the south side; since being under glass for some weeks now they are bright green, so presumably still growing well.
Brian, Thames valley, UK

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