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> I had some seed to send to Dell, but he is done collecting donations and looking forward to a well deserved retirement. I don't have a lot, but if someone in the US would like some already sprouting seed of Nerine angustifolia and/or a fall blooming Nerine hybrid, and a couple people want seed of Tulbaghia violacea, ex. Dave Fenwick (white), and a few people seed of Nerine masoniorum, please contact me privately with your address. Anything sent to the list will be ignored. Offer good until supplies exhausted.
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Mary Sue,

Due to some health problems I had to drop out of participating in most of my horticultural organizations.

I am in the process of rejoining a few that allow me to participate in acquiring small numbers of new plants, therefore I would like to participate in your seed bank.

Any seed or bulbs that are available presently would be appreciated. I’ll be joining the PBS tomorrow and will be able to pay for any shipping/handling expenses.


Claude Sweet
7488 Comet View Court
San Diego, CA 92120
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