California Geophytes publication

Bob Rutemoeller
Sat, 07 Oct 2017 10:51:30 PDT
Our California Native Plant society has a quarterly publication 
called Fremontia.
This year they published a double issue (76 pages) dated December 
2016 called California Geophytes.
It does a good job of this and has information about other geophyte 
rich areas on our planet.
There are some great photos too.

You can purchase a copy from the website for $12, but I'm not sure 
about shipping costs or foreign deliveries.
They do provide free access to a PDF file copy, so that may be best 
for most of you.

Link is http://…
Go to the December 2016 - Volume 44 #3 to find the 13.9 mb file.

For those of you in California, I encourage you to join this fine group.


Bob Rutemoeller

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