Canarina canariensis seeds

Susan Clark
Mon, 23 Oct 2017 01:10:02 PDT
Thanks Uli, David, Bracey, Tim & Erik for your very helpful comments and
provided links. I particularly enjoyed the bit of insight into how birds
are involved in the spread of the seeds.
I’ve started by spreading most of the ‘mouldy congealed mess’ over a paper
towel. This was a very sticky and time consuming job, but now I can see
that the individual seeds will be fairly easy to extract once dry. Given
that there are many dozens of seeds to deal with in one fruit, I would like
to try the water fermentation technique - will test this out on a remaining
blob of seed pulp.
Yes, these are rewarding plants to grow. Mine are in 10 litre buckets (a
couple of tubers in each) which are placed in part sun positions, and the
plants sprawl through other plants. Great, attractive, long lasting
foliage, and the flowers are a real treat over the Winter months. Don’t
know about trying out the fruits as a snack myself. Would need more than
the 2 produced this season for a start!

Thanks again,
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