Ammocharis tinneana

Bruce Schroder
Tue, 17 Oct 2017 14:53:45 PDT
There is some good information on this species' performance in the wild  in
the PBS wiki.  Translating this to cultivated plants would suggest a
different performance.
In my limited experience I would suggest A tinneana is a spring/summer
growing species.  I say this because I have purchased seed a number of
times from a grower in Zambia (where they are indigenous) in late summer
after flowering there  in the early/mid  part of summer.  My young bulbs
seem to have settled into a cycle that commences new seasons growth after a
winter dormancy.
That said, Ammocharis sp in general here in Australia (esp A coranica)
don't seem to have a regular cycle and sometimes need to be forced to do so
by keeping them dry over winter.  I welcome other comments on the matter.

Bruce Schroder
Melbourne, Australia
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