Peacock Moraea

guowei zhang
Fri, 13 Oct 2017 20:05:14 PDT
Thank you very much for your last year's moraeas, Mike.

I will try to donate some when I have any spare corms.

Best regards.


2017年10月14日星期六,Michael Mace <> 写道:

> By the way, I strongly endorse Silverhill, Summerfield, and African Bulbs
> as
> seed sources for Moraea, and Telos as a source for bulbs. They are all
> listed in the Sources section of the PBS website.
> The advantage of buying from them is that you'll get more diverse genetics.
> A private collector like me almost inevitably gets inbred genetics over
> time. Not to mention the risk of accidental hybridization between species,
> due to friendly bees.
> Mike
> San Jose, CA
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