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Sun, 01 Oct 2017 11:51:01 PDT
Dell, Robin and All,

Dell does a very efficient and prompt job as far as I can tell from the receiving end.  He lets me know that my order has been received, for example.  That puts
my mind at ease each time.  Then the order is received about a week later.  I figure Dell has made the process as streamlined as possible under his current operating conditions.
The only thing I could guess that could be done to help is to have different responsible parties do the seeds and bulbs.  Dell may already be doing that.  Dell, are your helpers also
PBS members?  I think I’m the only one in my area but am not sure.  

Thanks to Dell and all of you who make the PBS such a great organization.  You all put so much time and dedication into this group.

Sonora, CA , N. CA near Yosemite

On Sep 30, 2017, at 1:50 PM, Hansen Nursery <robin@hansennursery.com> wrote:

> Dell, 
> On just one BX you send out 150 shares?  And SXs are bigger than that?  What an incredible job!  And I think you do this on average once a week year-round.  You've also been doing this for 14 years or more, if I'm correct?  You have a right to retire or step back.  PBS Folks, I think it's time Dell had some more and reliable help or at least allow him to retire....
> May I put forth a request for ideas on how to streamline this process to make it less onerous?  I'm sure this has been brought up for discussion before, and it's time to get serious about this situation.  Dell has done this without pay as an incredibly generous donation of time and probably money, too for a very long time.  Please, folks, step forward and offer ideas, help or whatever you can.  We owe this to Dell in particular but to all volunteers who keep this organization running.
> My best regards,
> Robin
> Hansen Nursery
> robin@hansennursery.com
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