Ben Zonneveld
Mon, 16 Oct 2017 01:01:19 PDT
My veltheimias inside in pot usually flower in early spring This time V
capensis flowers now.I think it has to do with the time you start
watering.A few year ago I measured about 20 Wild Veltheimias obtained from
Graham Duncan Kirstenbosch. The two species differed clearly in their
amount of nuclear DNA However there was a plant deviating with 2 pg more
DNA However Graham could not see any difference So we never came around to
publish the results. I wonder is has to do something with V deasii .I would
appreciate to receive a fresh root (wrapped, not closed) in plastic to
measure its DNA and compare it with my earlier results.Send it to the
adress below Dont mention *plants* on the outside but: *Herbarium material
for botanical study*. no papers needed.
Apart from that, seeds of a dark red form of Veltheimia would be welcome
too ☺!
Ben Zonneveld

BJM Zonneveld
Naturalis, Herbarium section
Postbox 9517
Vondellaan 55,  2300RA Leiden
The Netherlands
Email: <>,
telf 071-7517228
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