Canarina canariensis

Johannes-Ulrich Urban
Mon, 23 Oct 2017 05:43:50 PDT
Hello Susan,

If you live in a zone 10 climate which I would consider frost free, I very strongly recommend growing Canarina in the open ground and not in pots. It can of course grow in pots but the difference to a plant in the open ground is striking. When my pot grown specimen was planted in a well lit corner of my former greenhouse in Germany more than 10 years ago it became a showstopper. Better and bigger every year. The tuber became so big that it raised the soil around the plant. I tried to dig it out when I moved to Portugal, unthinkable. So I wholeheartedly pushed a sharp spade right through it and got a good piece of dormant tuber with tiny purple buds. It had to go back into a pot because my new garden in Portugal is not yet ready for such a permanent plant. It forgave me the brutal treatment and has sprouted vigorously. It is a particularly large flowered form which I bought in a special nursery many years ago and as it is single cloned it never sets seed. Do allocate it a lot of space
  and some robust partner it can scramble through, I used a grapevine. My plant made shoots more than 4m long and flowered for several months in winter.
A magnificent plant!


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