Muscari bourgaei

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As far as I know, Muscari bourgaei is the only name for this cultivar as per the
2011 World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.


Perhaps it is simple? Many of our common bulbs are successful because they
withstand marginal conditions. We don't usually think of it in this way, but
dormancy requirements are part of that. Some bulbs, like Muscari, have a short
dormancy time, about 10 weeks, I think, and are quite forgiving if their
dormancy is a bit early or a bit late, or a bit too warm or a bit too cold.
Sounds to me as if your seasonal cycle and optimal soil conditions sometimes
fools the plants, as we do deliberately with paperwhites, etc., and they've been
"forced". Here is the Northwest (zone 6b) it sometimes happens to our
rhododendrons whose parentage is in northerly regions of Eurasia. The genus sets
its candles in early summer for the next year, so, in a mild autumn, then get
confused and give a few autumn blooms, so you get fewer during the usual bloom
time. Even some of my narcissus will push up a stalk and swell to bud before the
winter rains set in, and they hang out like that, even though one of our very
occasional freezes, and pop right out a bit early the next year.


I'd be interested ... you might watch your Muscari, and see if, in the year
after their natural forcing, they do not do well, and need another cycle to
replenish themselves like other forced bulbs.


Jo-Ann Canning

Vancouver, Island, BC


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This beautiful little Muscari is blooming for me now, which is apparently the
wrong time as the only source I can find says it is a spring bloomer.

There's little if any information on the web so I'm wondering if anyone knows
anything more about this bulb?  The flowers are typical Muscari with a white
edge at the opening and the petal color is blue with hints of lavender or
purple.  Is this name a synonym?  What little I found doesn't give another name
for it and this is not the first time it has bloomed in fall.






Robin Hansen


Hansen Nursery




Zone 9 Southwest coast of Oregon where it was 77 F yesterday




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