Amaryllidaceae of Southern Africa (book offer) one available

Arnold Trachtenberg
Thu, 26 Oct 2017 18:01:51 PDT

 We have one copy of the book listed below.  (US only)

One of our overseas members wanted it and the postage was prohibitive.

First to reach me via email gets it.


PayPal or check.



The Board of the Pacific Bulb Society has approved a group book order 
for Graham Duncan's book "Amaryllidaceae of Southern Africa".

  The book will be available to all PBS members  who are paid through 
2017 and have NO BX payments due.

Cost of book delivered to US addresses only will be $100.00.  Once 
overseas costs are determined the purchaser will be required to pay the 
additional costs.

The book offer will be prepaid only.

You may pay via PayPal to or via check to the 
address indicated below. Please mark you PayPal payment or check memo as  .


Books will be mailed to US addresses via Media Mail to lower postage costs.

Regards and  thank you for your continued support.

"We would like to inform you that the long awaited book on the 
Amaryllidaceae will be published later this year. Umdaus Press is really 
proud to make this announcement. The artwork of two of the most 
acclaimed botanical artists will make this book one of treasures on the 
shelf of any art lover, bulb enthusiast and everyone interested in 
southern African flora. In addition the author, Graham Duncan, well 
known in bulb circles, has produced the comprehensive text, which will 
make the book an absolute must for plant enthusiasts. "

Arnold Trachtenberg,
Treasurer, PBS
140 Lakeview Avenue
Leonia, New Jersey 07605


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