Cyrtanthus elatus x C. montanus Cultivation Help

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 25 Oct 2017 07:06:30 PDT
I have two large pots of these and small bulblets form next to the huge 
bulbs at the top of the pot. Sometimes they have a small root, sometimes 
not. As the pots are really crowded since I haven't repotted for a 
number of years and since it's such a lovely plant, every now and then I 
check to see if there are any I can pull out for the BX. It's been so 
long since I started a new pot myself that I don't remember if I had 
trouble getting them to grow. But I have given them to the BX many times 
over the years so maybe someone else who had success can provide advice. 
Maybe it's like Arnold suggested, that it just takes some time.

Mary Sue

> I'm having the same problem with the bulblet I received in BX419 (I'm
> guessing that's also where you got it...). Mary Sue Ittner was the
> contributor.
> Mike
> *Cyrtanthus elatus x C. montanus Cultivation Help*
> I have an offset / bulblet / bulbil / cormlet (???) of Cyrtanthus elatus x
> C. montanus that refuses to show any positive signs of life (roots / shoots
> / etc). On the other hand, it's not showing any particular signs of death
> (rot / decay).

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