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I am not as knowledgeable as most of you, but these are synonyms for a genus,
not the same species or hybrid cultivar... not the "same plant." Perhaps you
misspoke when you used that phrase? To use layperson terms, both these are a
type of quince, one the large Chinese tree quince, and the other the flowering
quince shrub. I apologize, but I do not see the problem.
Jo Canning
Vancouver Island
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I've looked at this and wrote them as well.

They list 

Chaenomeles and Pseudocydonia as the same plant.

Crazy thing.

One is a thirty foot tree and the other is a three to four foot shrub.

Fruit very different as are the flowers.



Arnold Trachtenberg



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I've been trying to add who has named the plants to the wiki when I update a
page. We have tended to use The Plant List as a resource. I recently thought one
of the references of a South African irid  I found there couldn't be correct  so
wrote John Manning for an opinion. When he sent me the correct information I
sent it on to the Plant List and heard back that they are no longer updating
that site. I was told that "All the updated data can soon be found on Plants of
the World Online (POWO)"

The url is:

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