Nerine sarniensis outdoors?

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 01 Oct 2017 12:57:12 PDT
Hi Diane,

Years ago when IBS rescued the Zinkowski bulbs I received a number of 
them since I donated to the effort. Harold Koopowitz said not to plant 
them in the ground so I put most of them in pots. I planted a few out 
just to test his advice and they have flowered I think twice since 1999. 
So I don't feel I've been successful. As we have tried to figure out how 
to grow them, it has been suggested they need water during dormancy 
since they have perennial roots. My soil is VERY dry in summer. We water 
some, but not much, during our long period without rain, but the Coast 
Redwoods are very greedy and I think they absorb most of it. I too have 
my pots year round in the greenhouse so I can remember to water them in 
summer. I found that in my climate when we had heavy rainfall in winter 
they got Stagonospora curtisii so that's when they became year long 
greenhouse subjects. I know you just asked for success. Perhaps those 
who have responded with their success can explain how they treat them.

Mary Sue, Northern Coastal California
> I have pots of about nine named forms of Nerine sarniensis in my cool greenhouse (cool year-round).  They don't flower very often, but two are currently in flower.
> They have proliferated, so I was wondering about trying some outside in the garden.
> Where are they being grown successfully?

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