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David Pilling david@davidpilling.com
Sun, 15 Oct 2017 17:08:16 PDT
Andrew wrote to the old list (and this list only accepts JPEGs so I have 
converted the images referenced below)

Johannes-Ulrich, Mary Sue and All,

By now I had expected to hear a roar from all saying those leaves don’t 
look like those of a Veltheimia. Indeed, they do not! They belong to to 
a relatively heat and drought resistant bromeliad (Aechmea) growing 
behind. So, I’ll include overall shots (in medium resolution) of the 
specimen to show its grey leaves, bulb protrusion above ground and 
seedlings nearby, all features of the species. These two images have 
made the red tones somewhat more pink than they really are (cf. previous 
image sent).
The grower of the plant is Dan Kinnard, living in Vista, California. The 
originator of the bulb(s) several years ago is Ken Blackford, San Diego. 
Dan's soil is fast draining, fairly light and sandy, at least for the 
first few feet. The ground surface is lightly mulched. The bulbs get 
direct sun and the area is virtually frost-free, 15 miles inland, and 
daytime temperatures in summer are often higher than along the coast.
In this area, at least, there is no reason to grow the bulbs in a pot, 
especially when so many, apart from those in the Amaryllidacea or 
Hyacinthaceae (or whatever they’ve been relegated to) are so subject to 
predation. Based on Dan’s experience I intend to commit all of my 
Veltheimias to the ground.


David Pilling
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