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Back in 2013 I got some D. alba seeds from BX350. Those seeds (from Dylan Hannon) had been in cold dry storage for 6 years. I'm happy to say pretty much all of them (~35 or so) came up after about 6 weeks (and are still alive and well). As mentioned in the wiki description, they were a bit slow to develop and just now I got a first flower. It's not entirely an 'alba' as the name would suggest, rather more white-and-purple (image attached).
This corresponds well with Dylan Hannon's images for D. alba on the PBS wiki. However the provenance for the plants shown is referenced as 'Bosrivier, Sutherland', while the seeds I got were annotated 'Bo-Visrivier, Sutherland'. For what it's worth, I did find a Google reference for a 'Bo-Visrivier Road' in Sutherland, SA. Both names seem to make sense as well ('Bosrivier' meaning 'Forest river' and 'Visrivier' meaning 'Fish river').
'Bosrivier, Sutherland' and 'Bo-Visrivier, Sutherland' look awfully similar (and both are D. alba from Dylan Hannon), so I'm wondering if one is a misspelling of the other, and if so, which one is correct?
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