Cyrtanthus obliquus and other recent flowers

Nicholas plummer
Sun, 03 Sep 2017 06:18:46 PDT
This week, I was pleased to finally see flowers on a Cyrtanthus obliquus
bulb that I have been growing for about four years.  It has resolutely
refused to offset, so I'm hoping it might prove to be self-fertile.

Pictures here:

Other recent blooms, some in pots and some in the ground, have included
Bessera elegans, Boophone  disticha, Lilium catesbaei, Lilium formosanum,
Lycoris spp., and Hymenocallis occidentalis.  Click the "Bulbs" category on
the blog if you are interested in pictures.

Speaking of H. occidentalis, can anyone tell me how to treat the seed
(apart from labeling them "Not lima beans, do not eat")?  Should I plant
immediately in the ground (zone 7), plant immediately in pots and keep in
the greenhouse over winter, or store in the fridge and plant in spring?
The mother plant is definitely hardy in this climate, but I'm not sure
about seedlings.

Nick Plummer
North Carolina, USA, Zone 7
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