Amaryllis belladonna

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 08 Sep 2017 15:10:00 PDT
I don't know about natural seeding, but I have observed some bulbs spread by California gardeners who have too much in their gardens, fill up a wheelbarrow and trundle the plants to the empty land over the way.  

I'm not denigrating only California gardeners - it happens here, too, though the plants are different.

Diane Whitehead
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

On 2017-09-08, at 11:04 AM, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:

> I thought seeds generally fell close to the plants. Here in northern coastal California people plant Amaryllis belladonna is great numbers and when it increases a lot they dig it up and share it with others. So I am wondering whether it is true that it appears where it was not planted. Does anyone know if birds transport seeds? 
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