Amaryllidaceae Book! (Lee Poulsen)

Bruce Schroder
Tue, 12 Sep 2017 15:22:35 PDT
I was lucky enough to get my copy of the Book late last year being one of a
number of early subscribers here in Australia and even got my name in print
for the privilege of doing so.  It has been very well thumbed since!  It
compliments a number of other books I have on South African bulbs but like
Lee, I yearn for a comprehensive reference on South American bulbous
species, particularly Amaryllidaceae.  Unlike the other South African bulb
books the Amaryllidaceae book compliments, there appears to be nothing at
all from South or Latin America.
Seems to me, you have a lot of accumulated knowledge yourself Lee - how
about it!

Bruce Schroder, Melbourne, Australia
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