Amaryllis belladonna and lycoris squamigera

James Waddick
Wed, 06 Sep 2017 12:45:46 PDT
Dear PBSers,
	These two bulbs grow in very different climates and environments.  Although I can grow various species of Lycoris easily here in Kansas City, I simply cannot grow  Amaryllis b. 

	From my limited experience with Amaryllis here are a few points involved here:

	Amaryllis	 Not hardy north of Zone 8 (approx)
	Grow in full sun
	Bulbs BAKE prior to bloom
	Bulbs dry during the annual growing season

	Lycoris 2 sections in the genus. The common L. squamigera
	Hardy to Zone 5 and some of Zone 4, does poorly south of zone 6/7
	Grow under deciduous trees with light shade during winter and spring when foliage appears.
	Bulbs tolerate full sun, but do not prosper where the soil ‘bakes’.
	Bulbs stay moist  all year and do not dry in nature.

	As more species and hybrids of Lycoris are coming into cultuivation, there is more confusion over the differing growing needs of different species.  Some do well in milder climates. Seeing L. squamigera side by side with Amaryllis b. gives no doubt as to correct ID.  GENERALLY the two are very different and GENERALY do not thrive in the same conditions.  Unfortunately they both share the common name of ‘Naked Ladies’ or ‘Surprise Lilies’.

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			Best		Jim W. 

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