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David Pilling david@davidpilling.com
Thu, 21 Sep 2017 16:06:40 PDT

In the Sunday Times (of London, UK), Rachel de Thame recently wrote a 
couple of articles giving a list of bulbs for 12 months of bloom. You 
can read the articles (see links below) for free if you are prepared to 
mess about with the website. Here are the species:

January - Eranthis hyemalis, Galanthus elwesii
February - Crocus tommasinianus
March - Iris histrioides, Narcissus, Scilla
April - Muscari armeniacum, Fritillaria meleagris, Narcissus, Tulipa
May - Hyacinthoides non-scripta, Nrcissus, Tulipa
June - Camassia leichtlinii, Alium schubertii, Eremurus stenophyllus
July - Allium sphaerocephalon, Eremurus x isabellinus, Lilium
August - Agapanthus, Eucomis comosa, Dahlia, Acis autumnalis
September - Nerine bowdenii, Crinum powellii
October - Scilla autumnallis, Crocus speciosus
November - Cyclamen cilicium
December - Hippeastrum, Narcissus (paper whites) - both indoor bulbs.

The articles give a lot more information, but the above may be of 
interest or inspire you to post your own list of bulbs for every month.



David Pilling
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