Streptopus amplexifolius (old list Linda Foulis)

David Pilling
Mon, 04 Sep 2017 09:43:37 PDT
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Linda Foulis writes

I was reading the email on Stenomesson, which reminded me to get on the 
PBS website to try to ID the pot of ? , seed started from someone in 
France 2008?  Seed was very similar to clivia seed if anyone can help me 
on that.  I thought it started with st?
Anyway, I saw the entry for Streptopus.  That is a very hardy plant and 
grows everywhere here.  Here being the Rocky Mountain House area in 
Alberta, Canada.  I've found it within 20 km of home, it is quite 
rampant in fact.  It is definitely hardy to Zone 2.  I found a beautiful 
specimen last week on a seed hunting trip to Shunda View Point, approx. 
80 km west of Rocky.  I collected the berries and I'm going to attempt 
again to figure out germination.

Linda Foulis
North of Leslieville, Alberta, Canada

The leaves are already starting to turn and it is too chilly in the morning.


David Pilling
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