Pamianthe peruviana

Rimmer deVries
Thu, 28 Sep 2017 04:20:23 PDT
Yes Leo
You could have floated them in a cup of water or a deli container with a small hole in the lid. Refresh the water weekly or so. Germination in a few weeks or sooner. Transplant when you see growth into 50:50 long sphagnum and pumice mix and keep moist but with good air circulation like outside in shade. 


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> I received some seeds of the above in BX 403. I soaked them, then nestled them, pointed end down, into damp sphagnum moss. I placed the container on the bottom of a plastic food container and set the transparent dome on top. I put them under a 6500K color temperature compact fluorescent light. and maintained ambient temperatures in the 80-90 F / 26-32C range. Nothing has happened, other than some of the seeds becoming covered in white mycelia. Should I have done something else?
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