Amaryllis belladonna

Michael Mace
Sun, 10 Sep 2017 00:22:29 PDT
Leo wrote:

>I believe the cool-season rains in California are neither regular enough,
nor plentiful enough, for Amaryllis belladonna to grow from seed without
intentional watering by a gardener. 

Nah, it'll grow from seed here without supplemental water.

>I cannot imagine it would become established on its own more than extremely
rarely, let alone invasive.

I agree. The seeds are far too heavy to spread on their own, and birds don't
touch them (I'm in an area where birds plant oaks everywhere, but nothing
like that happens with Amaryllis, and I have hundreds of bulbs). Considering
how long the species has been popular in California, if it were going to run
wild it would have done so already.

I suspect the "invasive" Amaryllis were spread by two-footed animals.

San Jose, CA

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