Amaryllidaceae Book! (Lee Poulsen)

Sat, 16 Sep 2017 23:01:44 PDT

I'm actually a bit sad to hear that there is an active tigridia group on 
FB - another hefty blow to my resistance against the evil kraken. All I 
can hope is that some things will leak here or elsewhere in the free web 

But I totally agree that there should be more books like this 
Amaryllidaceae book - the perfect blend between classic botanical 
descriptions and cultivation hints. definitely a must have if one is 
even remotely interested in SA's amaryllids. All I'd need now is a 
pocket book or Ebook version to read on the train to work.

Am 13.09.2017 um 12:27 schrieb Lee Poulsen:
>   Also, via Facebook, there are starting to be serious and growing groups of native Latin Americans pursuing certain genera/families of bulbous species, collecting and sharing seeds and trying to increase awareness of the rarer species of Latin America, all in Spanish for a change. The Tigridia group especially seems to be flourishing—and it’s almost becoming a Latin American Irids group more than just the Tigridia cultivars and species group it started out as. I would love to ask some of them who are posting photos of things I’ve never seen before to possibly allow their photos to be added to the PBS wiki/encyclopedia. (Like I recently saw photos of a pure yellow Leontochir (Alstroemeria) ovallei taken in the current spectacular flowering of the Atacama Desert this year.)

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