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Fri, 31 Aug 2018 20:27:46 PDT
Leo ,

	I admit to not knowing much about L. radiata as it is a winter foliage species that does not do well in my very cold winter. Having seen hundreds in the wild I can definitely say it is almost a water loving species. I have seen it growing in the edge of active flowing streams with roots and bulbs in the water. It grows on the edges of ride padddies above water line. It grows in soils that are seassonally flooded. 

	It just does not tolerate repeated freezing and lower temps to the foliage over winter. 

	I suspect your plants wouild do much better if theywere periodically flooded or able to keep at least moderately moist all year, but especially all the time they have actively growing foliage and in anticipation of bloom season. 	

	My 2 cents. 		Jim W. 


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I saw a Lycoris radiata inflorescence emerging from the ground yesterday. Mine flower about once every 3-4 years, though they grow each winter. I have about 20 clumps in two different spots with the same directional orientation, but differing amounts of shade.

All but one of my Amaryllis beladonna failed to emerge last winter. They have only bloomed once in about 20 years. They, too, are planted in the ground, in areas that get a little more summer water than natural rain.

Leo Martin
Zone 9?
Phoenix Arizona USA

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