Monopyle in BX 445

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 14 Aug 2018 07:36:35 PDT
Here is some cultural information for those of you who got my Monopyle
seeds from the BX.  (I think this was the first ever BX offering of this

Monopyle sp. GRE12131 is an undescribed species of gesneriad closely allied
to Achimenes, Smithiantha, Kohleria, Gloxinia, etc.  It requires constant
moisture and is well suited for terrarium culture.  IT WILL DIE IF IT
COMPLETELY DRIES OUT.  It can reach 15" tall, with dark bronze foliage &
stunning white and purple flowers with yellow throats.  Search it on Google
or Facebook and you'll fall in lust, I promise.  Almost every flower will
self-pollinate providing you with abundant jet-black seeds resting in
amazing "splash-cups" waiting for rain drops to disperse them .  It can
bloom quickly from seed, 6 months with proper care.  I think it goes
seasonally dormant like Achimenes, Smithiantha, Kohleria, Gloxinia, etc.,
producing underground rhizomes, but mine are on their first bloom cycle so
I have not experienced this yet.  As with all gesneriad seeds, surface sow
these on moist soilless mix, lightly spray them in with a fine mist, and
keep enclosed.  Germination begins in 1-2 weeks.  They can take very strong
light, but I haven't tried direct sunlight.

Dennis in Cincinnati
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