Amaryllis belladonna bulbs available for pick up in Berkeley - too heavy to mail

Linda Press Wulf
Tue, 21 Aug 2018 19:43:30 PDT
I live in the Berkeley Hills in N. California and inherited plantings of
hundreds of A. belladonna bulbs when we moved in 30 years ago.  Many are
never watered through the summer, especially now that I've turned off the
sprinklers leading to my South African bed (and my California natives
bed).  Those in the sun bloom best.  Some are buried deep (under a crowded
grouping), but most are barely buried at all.   I've dug up bulbs that were
in the wrong place and thrown them in a shady heap and forgotten them, only
to find them flowering the following August (see photo of a massive clump
of bulbs, one flowering, another's stem emerging.)  Their size can reach
over 6" in diameter and most are too heavy to mail.

But contact me directly at if you are able to pick
some up in person.

Yes, it's great living in Northern California but if only I could get my
peonies and lilac to bloom...

Linda Press Wulf
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