Amaryllis belladonna 1st emergence of stalks

Sun, 19 Aug 2018 12:37:59 PDT

The reason, I think you are not seeing blooms, is twofold. First, winter rain is essential, rain spread over the winter season to enable the bulbs to prepare for the following dry season. This usually occurs in northern California, but rather spottily in the south, especially in the past ten years.  Secondly, the bulbs do not need the very hot, summer dry site you are providing. That’s OK in Vancouver or England but it’s not needed in hot summer areas such as yours. If you need the wall to lessen winter cold place a loose mulch over the sea in summer to prevent direct heating over the hot six months. Maybe your winter was drier than normal, in which case you would need to water in spring. That is the case here in southern California where, except in wet winters, watering during April, May and June in necessary to get any blooms. So, planting next areas that would normally get sprinkled is an easy way to get that watering done. Good luck.

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