Amaryllis belladonna 1st emergence of stalks

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I have a long swath of them, they are starting to bloom.  The are in some shade under elm trees, don't get much water at all.  The few in other spots where they are in sun have bloomed but those in the large stretch are just starting to bloom.  Those nearest the edge of the line of elm trees get more sun and open first.  When I notice the first few blooming, I always water the rest which seems to help them come along.  All of them in bloom is quite a sight to see.
Carolyn in Los Gatos CA

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This is the time of year when there are usually reports of the A. belladonna in bloom. So, I wonder why there has been only one so far, particularly from central and northern California. In the southern areas of the state,  except for a very cautious offering last year after heavy spring rains, it has not bloomed at all for years. With me, blooms appear only if the bulbs are watered heavily during the summer. The lack of rains has caused the old, large clumps to shrink and desiccate. When and how much they bloom in this area has nothing to do with temperature. It is dictated by water.

San Diego
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