Amaryllis belladonna 1st emergence of stalks

M Robertson
Sat, 18 Aug 2018 23:19:41 PDT
Here are pictures I took spring 2016 of the leaves of the two varieties. The main differences I see is that the tips of the leaves of the typical A. belladonna (upper photo) are more acutely pointed and are relatively narrower as compared to their length. Most of these bulbs are derived from open pollinated seedlings.

Bulbs below were sold to me as Amaryllis belladonna X Lycoris squamigera. I have read that L. squamigera is sterile, so I cannot be sure what these are. So far they have never bloomed. I have tried growing them in pots with summer water, and also as described in my previous email in rather hot, arid conditions, in both southern CA and northern CA. They have increased well. The clump below represents only a few of the offsets from the original bulbs that I purchased 18 years ago from the University of California Riverside botanical garden. Unlike my A. belladonna, the leaves are also somewhat pleated, though that may represent suboptimal growing conditions. I have no information about how the original cross was made. I only kept this rather disappointing clone because it was supposedly produced from the sterile L. squamigera which does have a weird karyotype of 2n=27. But who knows what is possible. Perhaps it was generated by polyploidizaition of the parent(s)? Or maybe it was merely
  mislabeled. Dyuhei Sato, 1938, suggested the L. squamigera 6 V chromosomes could be explained as fusions of 12i chromosomes + the 21i chromosomes giving 33 chromosomes as the original base number of 3n. If this is true, perhaps there is some possibility of Amaryllis belladonna (haploid number 11) to form a "44-chromosome" pseudotetraploid with an actual chromosome number of 38. Do you know if it is possible to generate 4n =  54 L. squamigera (6n reduced by fusions) that shows regular meiosis? 

Mark Robertson
Roseville, CA, 
Sunset Zone 9a

> On Aug 17, 2018, at 6:49 PM, Jim McKenney <> wrote:
> Mark wrote: " Also, does anyone have suggestions for getting hybrid A. belladonna crossed with Lycoris squamigera to flower? I have some hybrid bulbs I bought from the University of California Riverside botanical garden 18 years ago that grow and multiply but have never bloomed.   ".Mark, please tell us more about these plants. Which parent does the foliage favor? What evidence is there that they are hybrids? Have they ever bloomed for anybody? 
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