Some information about Silverhill Seeds and the Saunders' Gladiolus book

Randall P. Linke
Mon, 06 Aug 2018 21:08:46 PDT
Thank you for the information.  I have been intending to write Ondine but
just haven't had the heart to do so. I was just about to write to Rachel to
continue a correspondence when the horrific news arrived.

So thoughtful and like them to leave Silverhill in her care.

On Sun, Aug 5, 2018, 6:59 PM Lee Poulsen <> wrote:

> Bruce Schroder posted the following on the Australian Bulb Exchange
> Facebook group on August 3rd. I thought there were people on the PBS list
> who might like to know about this. Bruce gave me permission to post it here.
> <<I believe yesterday was the memorial service for Rod and Rachel Saunders
> who were tragically murdered earlier this year doing what they loved best -
> looking for South African plants and in particular Gladiolus sp.
> On behalf of the Australian Bulb Exchange fb Group, I had earlier passed
> on our most sincere thoughts. I'm sure you would have all supported this
> gesture.
> I have received the following information from Ondine at Silverhill Seeds
> when I questioned the business's future: "Thanks for being so
> understanding, yesterday was very emotional. Silverhill will carry on! Rod
> and Rachel left it to me, I will try and collect myself or I will get
> people to collect for me. We always bought quite a lot of seed in other
> than the very odd things Rod and Rachel used to find in the middle of
> nowhere! The selection might change a bit in the beginning as we start
> standing on our own, but we hope to carry on with the amazing work and seed
> selection R&R used to have".
> Please continue to support Silverhill Seeds.>>
> Also, one of the replies, from Keith Tollis, mentioned that Rod & Rachel
> Saunders were almost finished with their book on all of the Gladiolus
> species and had only one more species to photograph when they were
> murdered. They’re now working on how to fund the completion of the book as
> a tribute to Rod and Rachel. He didn’t mention who to contact or where to
> inquire about helping out with this effort, so I don’t know what to tell
> those on this list who might want to contribute to that effort. Maybe
> contacting Silverhill Seeds might work?
> --Lee Poulsen
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