Pot sizes for south African oxalis and other Winter growers

Tom John jtjj21@gmail.com
Sat, 25 Aug 2018 00:37:14 PDT
Good Lis-ers,

I am a newly converted South African geophyte enthusiast with a large order
of Oxalis & other Winter growers ready to pot up. I had envisioned potting
some of the smaller varieties in 3" deep bonsai type pots. I see scattered
references to using deeper pots for Ferraria, Gladiolus,and I know the
Boophanies need lots of room. I have had some difficulty in finding
specific recommendations otherwise as to optimal depth and  space
preferences for oxalis, the iris groups and others.

Any advice,generalizations,references will be most appreciated.

Tom John  the lonely Tennessee South African geophyte grower.
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