Lycoris squamigera

Nathan Lange
Mon, 27 Aug 2018 18:11:51 PDT

In Sonoma County, California, my Lycoris squamigera flower in late 
July. I personally know of no other flowering plants in the San 
Francisco Bay Area although I have chased numerous leads over the 
years that always turn out to be Amaryllis belladonna or its hybrids. 
The blue highlights on the petals of L. squamigerea are unmistakable 
and seem to be more intense here than in the Midwest, likely the 
result of our consistently cool summer night temperatures around 11C 
(52F). A. belladonna usually begins to flower here in mid August and 
are now in or slightly past full flower. L. squamigerea leaves emerge 
here in March and are very distinct in appearance from A. belladonna 
leaves which emerge in mid to late autumn.


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