Amaryllis belladonna !st emergance of stalks

Robert Werra
Thu, 30 Aug 2018 16:00:45 PDT
A. belladonna has been blooming all over Ukiah, CA for the past 2 + weeks. Interestingly, at my office They have been blooming for 50 years at 3 sites. The bulbs multiply in clumps and in recent years decrase in blooms. In one area of partial sun and light sprinkling there are 30 bulbs and 5 blooms. In another area in full sun and no summer water They have gradually shrunk to no booms, This year. In another area in full shade of an Oak and no summer water they still bloom profusely--15  of 20 bulbs. They have given much beauty for much of my life.  Bob Werra
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