Sternbergia lutea flowering

Sat, 18 Aug 2018 11:45:18 PDT
>If the Sternbergias have formed "large clumps," 
>they definitely need to be divided and replanted, and now is the time 
>(getting near the deadline, in fact, as like their relatives Narcissus 
>they will make some root growth in early fall). 
Great, thanks. I’ll try this with one clump, even though I’m not sure where they are, exactly. (I am very good at finding bulbs with a trowel...)
The other thing which occurred to me was flowering induced by lowered pH at the roots, caused by rainfall. Tap water here is >7.5 pH. I would ordinarily irrigate where the sternbergias are planted, to no effect; Crocus niveus is very close to them and always flowers, but only after the first snow has melted.  
Rain does occasionally fall here in autumn, but not very often any more. 
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