Northern bulbs

Jane Sargent
Tue, 18 Dec 2018 04:40:28 PST
Thanks for the help with northern bulbs.

I loved the pictures of Lloydia serotina. The article I read says there 
might be 100 bulbs of it in Wales and that it was expected to be the 
first British plant made extinct by global warming. It survived the ice age.

As for Toxicoscordion, its other name, deathcamas, is evocative. Keep 
this puppy out of your salad (romaine, too.)

I remember in Greenland a lot of rhubarb growing in abandoned 
settlements, presumably brought by the vikings, maybe as long ago as a 
thousand years. Rhubarb jam remains a great hit in Iceland, on little 
pancakes with mounds of whipped cream. The caraway plants in Greenland 
were thought to have been brought there long ago by monks.

Jane Sargent

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